About Us 

The Family Owned Pest Control Network is a group of pest control companies that have been prescreened and meet the following criteria to prove the quality of their services.

Priority #1 Family Owned

The pest control company must be a privately held,  service. Family Owned Pest Control Service cannot place the needs of a  public above the needs of a customer. Best put, "No one spends someone else's money as carefully as he spends his own." – Milton Friedman, American economist. 

Priority #2 Online Reputation

The online reputation is determined by a number of factors; the more an exterminator has the better. Members of the Family Owned Pest Control Network are graded on the number of reviews they have in network and on other review sites. Among these sites is the BBB. While accreditation with the BBB is not required the exterminating company’s grade and track record must be pristine.

Priority #3 The Age of Pest Management Professional

With age comes experience. The pest control companies within this network must have a minimum of 2 years experience within the pest control industry. If an applicant has experience within another service industry, then that experience must meet a 4 year minimum and the applicant’s company and reputation from the previous experience will be investigated.

Priority #4 Happy Participation

Those within the Family Owned Pest Control network understand that they are not only here to receive but to also give to the community. While business competition within tight margins can be fierce, we maintain that all who participate here must be good sportsmen. It is more similar to farming days when neighbors would share farm tools so that all within the farming community could prosper.

There is our list of qualifying priorities. The members of this network shall meet and or exceed the standards for qualifying or be removed from the Family Owned Pest Control Network.

This site is run and maintained by Bulwark Exterminating, a family owned pest control company. Bulwark will maintain all the above priorities and commit itself to bettering this network. Bulwark reserves the right to remove members from the network. Please contact us for any questions, concerns, or complaints. To apply for the network please click: Apply Now

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